The Best Cabinets in Richmond ,VA

Our Cabinets are Made with Love. Assembled & Prepared in North America for your Kitchen, Bath, & more.

Cabinets are obviously the foundation for your kitchen & bath & are necessary before countertops & finishing touches like hardware & fixtures.

What you might not know is that prep work is crucial specifically for cabinets – regardless of whether they are pre-fabricated or completely custom.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing to work with James River

Kitchens for your cabinets:

  • Quality Materials & Installation
  • Ranging from ready to assemble (RTA) to fully custom
  • We use our cabinetry in our own personal projects
  • Manufactured in North America
  • Premium finishes including paints, varnish, & stains
  • Variety of styles including shaker, raised panel, slab, & transitional
  • Overlay options including full & inset

Meet with one of our designers to discuss your space, ideas, & potential materials to start bringing your vision to life.

We are an organized provider & believe strongly in productivity & planning to make sure your timeline & roadmap go accordingly.

We work hard to set proper expectations & make sure you're informed throughout the entire duration of your project.

Kitchens are the heart of any home. Quality can’t be overlooked as this is an investment that you will enjoy for years to come. I’m eager to show new clients what distinguishes JRK’s products & services from others. I didn’t know what quality was until I left my job with a big box store.

– Bradley Jones – co-founder of James River Kitchens

Great Process = Great Experience.

Here's How We Work


Schedule a Free Design Consultation

Simply reach out using the form on our website or by calling the number on this page & we will set a time for you to visit our world-class showroom.


Lock In Your Project Roadmap & Timeline

Your time is just as important as ours. Anything can happen when it comes to renovating a home, but we care deeply about setting proper expectations & a realistic timeline.


Project Preparation Begins

Prep work is just as critical as the renovation & installation, if not more important. We make sure that you know exactly what needs to be done in order to prep your home for your project.


Installation & Renovation Completed

Timelines can be impacted by many things, but proper planning & quality installation ensure that we stick to the set project timeline & that you have an amazing experience. We're beyond excited to see the vision for your space come to life.

Pre-Project Checklist

Be Prepared

Come up with a budget you’re comfortable with. We realize that some customers may not have experience with renovations & may need help coming up with an idea of realistic costs. It will help to know how much you would like to spend to see what is possible.

We would like to give you our most accurate quote on our first appointment. We require a set of measurements in order to do this, & they are very easy to obtain. Simply follow the Measure Guide provided here.

In order to determine which type of cabinetry to set you up with, it will help for us to see any inspiration you might have. If you haven’t really put much thought into specifics, we will be more than happy to show you a few options & help you determine the best cabinetry for your wants & needs.

Your project is extremely important to us. We reserve special time for each of our clients in order to give them the best service they’ve ever had with a kitchen renovation company. Please plan to be with us for a maximum of 2 hours. This allows us plenty of time to identify your wants & needs for your space, pick out cabinetry, countertops, & create an initial design mock-up as a foundation.

Understanding Realistic Expectations

We will strive for an absolutely seamless project, crossing fingers that you don’t run into any major hiccups during your renovation. That being said, it is important to understand the obstacles that may (or may not) come during this process. It can be very difficult & sometimes impossible to know the condition of a home until you get the renovation started.

Whether it be a small leak from your dishwasher that requires you to replace the subfloor, or even if it’s some minor sheet rock repair, it is important to take all possibilities into consideration when planning your project. Try to have a flexible deadline, as any unforeseen situations may effect projected completion dates. I would also recommend having extra cushion in your budget for said hiccups/obstacles.

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